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    Please help me with my cover letter

    To whom it may concern

    I am writing to express my utmost interest in the doctoral program in the International Max Plank Research School for Intelligent Systems. I truly appreciate this opportunity to study in the field of intelligent systems. I look forward to pursue a post-graduate degree from world-class scholarship like this because not only it would allow me to expand my knowledge also it would help me to obtain my eventual objective of taking up research-oriented career in this specific field which as a result will assist me to serve my country afterwards.
    My educational journey has provided an excellent foundation for gaining both theoretical and practical skills. My research interests include combination of control algorithms and machine learning to provide robots a degree of autonomy and ability to operate in unknown cluttered environments. A substantial portion of my research at undergraduate level involved researching on areas such as machine leaning, Image processing and Receding Horizon control in which I took part in their courses and did a thorough research. This diverse background would allow me to continue researching on several interrelated themes relevant to your program’s research. After completing my BSc, I undertook an MSc in Control systems at Iran University of Science and Technology which is one of the most prestigious universities in Iran. During my MSc studies, I continued my research on robust control and estimation in which I have scientific paper. This paper extends mathematical property of homogeneous integer-order systems to fractional-order dynamical systems with the focus on finite-time stability. Having been exposed to the various facets of control systems engineering in the course of my studies, I have found robotics and intelligent systems most satisfying and stimulating. Courses such as Mechatronics have been my firm favorites. This course provided me with knowledge in various topics such as control of nonholonomic mobile robot, SLAM and Robot Operating System (ROS) which kept me interested. In addition, my passion in robotics and intelligent systems motivated me to further my studies in Artificial Intelligence Lab on Reinforcement learning after graduation.
    I now wish to continue my academic career with a PhD in robotics, and I cannot imagine a better place to study than this program. My preference to conduct my post-graduate research in IMPRS is quite straightforward. Firstly, the research topic to which I am committed, matches up my research interests very well. Secondly, with the department’s expertise in both control theory and machine learning it would make the worth of my Doctorate here all the more worthwhile. Finally, the resources and technical facilities needed to excel in this field are widely available at involved universities and it makes sense, therefore, to present the strongest case for admission into your program.
    In addition I will get a chance through doctoral study on intelligent systems to interact with students from diverse professional and cultural backgrounds drawn from all over the world. The exposure is important for interaction and integration of diverse ideas and perspectives, providing me with skills to make a wider connection circle worldwide as high tech industries necessitates.
    After completing the PhD, I plan to pursue a postdoc in intelligent systems by the lifelong interest in robotics. I am keen to continue my education in this subject and to perform my own research which can contribute to the knowledge of the field.
    I am confident that I can complete the research project, as I already have experience and good background in main subjects. In addition to my academic research, I was involved with various extracurricular activities like programming. I have been selected as a fulltime junior programmer at JDEVS working as Mechatronics engineer, which is of benefit to your research in view of robotics close ties with practical implementation.
    I would like to thank, in advance, for your time and consideration. I sincerely hope that you see it fit to afford me this unparalleled opportunity to further my education as a PhD student at IMPRS program.

    Sincerely, XXXXX XXXXX
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    Re: Please help me with my cover letter

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