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    Ask a student

    This question came up in a discussion and I thought that since there are many different countries/cultures represented here at UsingEnglish, it would be the perfect place to ask.

    Is the sound that we make to express satisfaction after we drink something a culturally/socially induced sound or a natural human response? Do all language groups use the same sound?

    In my neck of the woods, after we drink something nice or refreshing often we "say"


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    Re: Ask a student

    I think it's rather a matter of different cultures and languages, I don't think "Ahhhh" is used in all of the countries for expression of satisfaction. In Switzerland and Germany we say rather "Hmmmm", in Italy too, in France I'm not sure. But it's an interesting question, I'm looking forward to what people of other countries would say to it.

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    Re: Ask a student


    Well, in Hungary we usually say Ahhhhh or something like uuuuuuh after drinking something refreshing but hhmmmm after having something nice or yummy.

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