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  1. ewing_529

    idiomatic expressions

    please answer what is the meaning of the following idiomatic

    1.anybody's game
    2.armed to the teeth
    3.arrived at a bargain of discored of one's eye bay close gripse with poverty
    8. at the eleventh hour
    9.backing out
    10.bad blood
    11.bag of bones
    12. bank run

    thanks for the favor....hope you reply soon..

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    Re: idiomatic expressions

    1.anybody's game
    There is no way to predict the outcome; either side could win.

    2.armed to the teeth
    Very heavily armed. A person who is armed to the teeth is usually carrying more than one weapon.

    3.arrived at a bargain
    Reached a compromise or agreement. of discored
    The crux of an argument or problem, or a small dispute that could lead to a larger problem.
    Refers to the apple in Greek mythology that was thrown into the wedding of Thetis and Peleus by Eris (goddess of chaos and discord), who had not been invited, and which allegedly started the Trojan War. of one's eye
    Someone (or something) that is very precious. "Annie was the the only girl in the family and the apple of her father's eye." bay
    To fight something off, or keep it from overwhelming you.
    "Grandma fed me some chicken soup to keep the influenza at bay." close gripse with poverty
    Do you mean "grips"? What is the context in which this phrase is used?

    8. at the eleventh hour
    At the last possible moment.

    9.backing out
    To change one's mind, to give up, to get un-involved.

    10.bad blood
    Uneasy feelings between two people, hostility. "There had been bad blood between Fred and John ever since Fred's dog ruined John's garden."

    11.bag of bones
    Extremely thin, skeletal. "Kate Moss is nothing more than a bag of bones."

    12. bank run
    A fear that a bank is about to become insolvent, because panicked people are withdrawing all their money from it.
    Can also mean to go the bank to conduct business. "Can you hold my calls for the next 20 minutes, please? I've got to make a quick bank run."

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