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    Question Some+noun vs particular+noun

    Hello again,

    I have another question. In the troubleshooting part of a manual that I'm writing, I had written the following sentence:
    Some heated windscreens, coated windows or car roofs can block GPS reception.

    The discussion we're having, is about the use of 'Some'. My colleague tells me that 'some' is a vague, negative, unobjective and therefore unprofessional term to use. He refers to phrases like 'and then some', 'that's some car you've bought', or 'let's go shoot some pool'...
    I disagree and think 'some' in the context of the manual is merely used in a 'quantative' way, it simply refers to 'not all'.
    I could jus as well have used 'Certain heated windscreens...'

    My colleague suggested to use 'particular' as a more fancy alternative. But he wants me to write:
    Particular heated windscreens, coated...
    To me that seems plain wrong, or am I wrong?

    I could maybe write:
    In some particular windscreens, like heated windscreens, ...

    Because even:
    In some particular heated windscreens... there seems to be a clash of the two adjectives next to each other, and one might expect to see 'in some particularly heated windscreens...'

    My gut tells me I'm right, but I can't explain why.
    Please advise.

    Thanks in advance,

    Thomas (Belgium)

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    Re: Some+noun vs particular+noun

    I think 'some' is fine. Trust your gut.


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