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Thread: suffix-prefix

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    I have no knowledge what happened about suffix and prefix.
    Where are we used to prefix and suffix?
    Would you mind can you explain with examples?
    Which are we use to common add to letter to word?
    Thank you..

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    Re: suffix-prefix

    prefixation and suffixation are belong to affixation. And affixation is a part of word formation.
    Prefixation do not generally chang the word-class of the stems but only modify the meaning. There are a few kinds of prefixes:
    1. negative prefixs;
    2. reversed prefixes: dis-:disallow; un-:unwrap; de:decentralize;
    3.pejorative prefixes: mal-:maltreat; mis-:misconduct;
    4.prefixes of degree or size: arch-:archbiship; extra-:extra-strong;
    5.prefixes of orientation and attitude: anti-; contra-;
    6.locative prefixes: inter-:interpersonal; intra-: intraparty;
    7.prefixes of time and order: fore-;
    8.number of prefixes: mono-; semi-;
    9.miscellaneous prefixes: auto-; neo-: neo-Nazi;
    suffixation mainly change the word calss(change the grammatical function of stems). The types of it are:
    1.noun suffixesa:
    1.1 denominal nouns: -eer, -er;
    1.2 adverbal nouns:1.2.1 V+the following suffixes:-ant, -ette, -let;
    1.2.2 V+the following suffixes denoting action, result,process, state: -age, -ance, -sion
    1.3 de-adjective nouns: -ity, -ness;
    1.4 noun and adjective suffixes;
    2.adfective suffixes:
    2.1 denominal suffixes: 2.1.1 N+ -ed, -ful, -ish,-less, -lile, -ly
    2.1.2 Adj+ -ish, -ial, -al, -ical
    2.2 deverbal suffixes: -able, -ible, -ive, -ative, -sive
    2.3 adverb suffixes
    2.4 berb suffixes: -ate, -en, -ify, -fy, -ize, -ise.

    That is my note on MODERN ENGLISH LEXICOLOGY lesson. If you still have some difficults, you can have a look of the books about linguistics.

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    Re: suffix-prefix

    Biying, did this come from a particular book? If so, could you please give the source- we have to be very careful about copyright. Thanks.

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