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Thread: adopt and adapt

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    adopt and adapt

    Hi, can you tell me what is the difference between the verbs "adopt" and "adapt"

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    Re: adopt and adapt


    Any dictionary will explain the difference quite clearly I reckon, but here's my two cents in a nutshell:

    To ADOPT : to take, to choose, to select
    * The Senate adopted the report of the Commission. (they accepted it, by voting in favor of it)
    * Jack and Jill have adopted a Tsunami orphan.
    * The young boy quickly adopted a new identity.

    To ADAPT : to adjust, to change, to rework, to modify
    * The Senate adopted the report, although some senators would have preferred to adapt it before voting on it.
    * The adopted Tsunami orphan quickly adapted to our Western values and now he's even adopted a new nickname 'Tsunidude'.
    * His parents had quite some problems adapting to the new identity their son had adopted.



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    Re: adopt and adapt

    Adapt means to change something you do so you can be more comfortable.
    For example: People adapt to the weather.
    Adopt means to take something as yours.
    For example: Many American families adopt children.
    Best wishes


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