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    Which between these two is correct?

    - The vase has become broke.

    - The vase has become broken.

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    Re: broke/broken


    Neither of them!

    First of all you have to "rub out" the word become.
    Correct variants:

    The vase broke. (yesterday, last week/year etc)=this is past tense
    The vase has broken. ( and you have to buy a new one)=present perfect


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    Re: broke/broken

    And one more variation:
    The vase is broken.
    By the way, hlbert03, your question would have been this way:
    Which of these two is correct?

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    Re: broke/broken


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    Re: broke/broken

    hlbert03, you may also meet this very informal usage: "If it ain't broke, don't fix it'. This is not grammatically correct, but I've rarely heard "If it isn't broken, don't mend it" - except from someone with a tweed jacket and leather elbow patches


    The last line might need explanation: in BE (maybe AmE too?) traditionalist academics are supposed to dress like that.
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