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    I'm a teacher of English and I'm teaching a class of false beginners. One of the exercises I gave last time to practise the verb TO BE was a reordering exercise. The words to put in the correct order were: - but happy he I'm isn't very.- The obvious order was: I'm very happy but he isn't.
    The grammar key of the book I'm using reports the following alternative as correct: I'm happy but he isn't very. What do you think? It doesn't sound correct to me, but maybe I'm too rigid and it could be an acceptable colloquial form. Thank you for replying. Valentina

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    Re: very

    Quote Originally Posted by valentina_martin View Post
    I'm happy but he isn't very.
    It's colloquial. If I were writing it, I'd put a comma after the verb - the "very" is a sort of afterthought, and there's a pause before it (suggesting 'Hold on, I haven't expressed that strongly enough, he's not happy at all).



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