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    Hi, I can't understand what it is meant in this sentence:
    "No acquisition works unless people in the acquiring company respect the product, the markets, and the customers of the company they acquire."
    Why? If they respect the market of the new one and the customer, it's ok, or they want to persuade them in taping into a new market, maybe

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    Re: question/meaning

    That is quite an objective sentence. The takeover may actually be motivated by a desire to move the company in entirely different directions; or for ways of getting around certain regulations in an industry; or....; the list goes on.

    There are probably many reasons for these "consolidations" but the opinion of whether any one "works" or not is going to be very different for just about everyone involved.

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    Re: question/meaning

    I think it means that when they buy the company, they can't just treat it like a spoil of war or simply try to change it into an instant subset of the acquiring company, but must understand the company, how it worked, the people it worked with, etc, not force through radical overnight changes now they have bought it.

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    Re: question/meaning

    thanks, I thought, they don't have to understand it, but in english there is no double "NO":
    It means now, that the acquiring company has to adopt the new market, the product there and the people in the new company.
    Buy and thanks once again


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