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Thread: Linking/elision

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    Hello, I have a few questions and I would be grateful for any kind of help!

    I understand the basics of both, however there are a few that actually confuse me.

    Next time- does the t get elided or are they linked? (just like in light turns green, feel lazy, not to, same map)

    Tell him that- I kniw the /h/ sound gets elided, however does linking take place after the /h/ is gone? /tellim/

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    Re: Linking/elision

    1) No, the consonant is certainly not elided. The final t of next and the initial t of time link together to become one sound.

    2) With tell 'im that, there is linking of course, yes. The elision of the h is the linking (or rather the effect of the linking). You don't pause between the final sound of tell and the initial sound of 'im—the words flow together. That's what is meant by connected speech.

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