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    Object to and Look forwarding to

    I am learning how to use Infinitive and Gerund.
    Now I wonder word "Object to".
    Can you explain the meaning and how to use it?
    Thank !

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    Re: Object to and Look forwarding to

    Welcome to the forum, lbuntha.
    To object to means to be against, eg
    I object to your marrying Peter = I don't want you to marry Peter.
    Best wishes

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    Re: Object to and Look forwarding to

    In 'look forwarding to" you've put the -ing on the wrong part of the phrasal verb 'look forward to'; it goes on the verb, like this - 'looking forward to'.


    ps - Your title says this, but your text doesn't refer to it at all - so maybe you already know! But it's a common mistake, so worth correcting anyway. Welcome Ibuntha.
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