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    Cool Faustian deal

    (1) What is the meaning of "Faustian deal" in the following paragraph which I picked up from newspaper: "On the subject of Osama, he is so slippery you want to lock him in a room with the muscle-bound Armitage," Dowd wrote. The Paks..... are at the heart of the Faustian deal the Bush administration has made. The justification for invading Iraq was that they couldn't allow a dictator who might be harbouring terrorists to stay in power. But their great ally in the war on terro is Musharraf , a dictator who appears to be harbouring terrorists, including the one we ( Indians) want most. "

    (2) What is a "Vacuum cleaner approach"

    (3) " To raise the bogey"

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    Re: Faustian deal

    1 [Answered elsewhere]: trading short-term good for long-term evil

    2 Indiscriminate cleansing - getting the baddies at the expense of getting the goodies too

    3 Stir up an unwelcome thing. "Raise" is in the sense of "conjure up", and "bogey" is short for "bogey-man.


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