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Thread: resonate with

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    resonate with

    Dear all!
    Can anyone help me about the exact meaning of "resonate with" in the following passage?
    The designs of Agha Mohammad Khan resonated with those of Sheykh ˋAli Khan (Khan of Qobbeh, 17911806 and Khan of Darband, who was promised a position of nayeb (deputy ruler) of Shervan. Desiring to prove the seriousness of his intention, Agha Mohammad Khan invaded Talesh by land and by sea, but the naval attack was repelled by the Russian fleet stationed at the island of Sari, so that the Qajar troops retreated to Gilan.
    The passage is from the book "Russians in Iran". Qajar was a dynasty ruling Iran in that era, and Aqa Mohamad Khan was the founder of it. Does "resonate with" in the passage mean "being in harmony"?
    Thanks very much.

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    Re: resonate with

    Yes, or at least they did not conflict.

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