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    despite deep pockets

    Hi, what do the red words mean, it is about merger and acquisition in china, that they invest more than last year in overseas.
    "Despite deep pockets, mainland firms have not had it all their own way"

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    Re: despite deep pockets

    And just one more:
    "LAst month China Mobile dropped its $5billion offer for Millicom. Its decision was seen by some as evidence of reluctance to overpay-welcome maturity for Chinese management, if true."
    Does this mean that many saw this reaction as a prove of unwillingness to be overpaid, but I don't understand why, the more money they get, the better the deal is

    Do you a synonym for maturity?

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    Re: despite deep pockets

    Deep pockets means having a lot of cash to invest or spend.

    ...have not had it all their way means they did not get everything they wanted.

    Evidence of reluctance...maturity In this case, maturity means experience, and it is the Chinese who are overpaying.

    China has a lot of cash to invest in new businesses. They are finding out that in some cases they are paying more for these businesses than those businesses are worth (this is overpaying). As the Chinese become more experienced (mature), they are being more careful about which companies they buy and how much they pay for them.

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    Re: despite deep pockets

    thanks, super explanation

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