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    Smile Leaflet

    I´d like to ask for correction of this leaflet. The task is to write a leflet to new students where I explain to them how it works in the school that I have attended for a long time.
    thanks in advance

    Welcome at the grammar school of B. Nemcova in Hradec KraloveMy name is P. Novak and I´ve studied at the grammar school of B. Nemcova for seven years. That´s why I was asked to give you some practical advice and tips which could be useful for you and make your life easier. Moreover, you´ll know what to expect before starting at the school.

    Facilities for self-study
    There are three libraries in the town – one is next to the school. In these libraries you could borrow books, video cassettes, DVDs or audio cassettes for two weeks. If you look for a quiet place for studying, you should go to a reading room which is a part of library. For using the internet, you can go to the school, where it is free of charge but often occuppied by other students as well. So I recommend you to go to internet cafés which aren´t very expensive and you won´t wait for ages.

    Time table
    Your classes are going to start at 8 o´clock and finish at 14 o´clock, despite one day when you ´ll finish at 16 o´clock because of chemical or biological seminars. Precise timetable you´ll know at the begging of September.You should attend school regulary and beware of be late at morning classes. If not you´ll risk serious problems with teachers and then with our shoolmaster. So I think it´ s better to avoid it.

    Social activities
    You´ll certainly find a lot of possibilities how to get away from it all and let your hair down.
    Our school organizes amazing sportive and social activities for our students that may interest you. You can spend your free time by doing sports (such as basketball, volleyball, gymnastics and athletics), enlist in art group or involve yourself in school newspaper . From time to time students visit an art or cultural exhibition, a museum, a theatre or film festival with our school.

    If you have any problems at school you can contact study department, which is open from Monday to Friday 8.00-15.00. So don´t worry, it´s gonna be O.K.

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    Re: Leaflet

    Welcome at- to
    you could borrow books- I'd use 'can (more positive)
    If you look for a quiet place for studying- If you want a quiet place to study
    cafés which aren´t very expensive- if all cafes are more or less the same price, then put a comma before 'which'
    14 o´clock- 2pm or 14.00
    beware of be- being late for
    Precise timetable you´ll know at the begging of September- Complete timetables come out at the begining of September
    our shoolmaster- headmaaster/head ?
    lot of possibilities how- opportunities to get away
    sportive- sports
    study department- the


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