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    Question Different/difference


    1. What are the differences?


    2. What is the different?

    which one correct and why?

    thank You!!!

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    Smile help guys, please email me back

    hey guys my name is sam. i am a new here, i have a broken english, someimes i encoutered diffiulties in speaking and communicate with people properly, anyone hav idea to improve my speaking and using the words in appropriate way..
    this is my email, [email protected]. i am living in malaysia currently,

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    Unhappy Re: Different/difference

    sorry for bothering u guys, i just want u guys if u are free to give me some clue how to write compare and contrast assay becoz my exam is on the corner. i hope i can get back reply

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    Re: Different/difference

    i am sorry friend, i really have no idea, i on't know how to use this uniform becoz i am a new here, hopefuly. i can be pro in using this uniform correctly,..sory friend


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