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Thread: Twofold cross.

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    Twofold cross.


    Can anybody explain to me what "a door paneled with a twofold cross" look like?

    His door, when we came to it, was tightly closed. To my surprise there was no knob on it, in fact, nothing at all except a new round brass lock that shone yellow in the light of our candles. The door, I saw, was not like any of the others in the house. They were old Maine pine, paneled in a graceful twofold cross. This door was perfectly flat and when I touched it I perceived that it was not even made of wood, but of metal. The cold of steel came through the paint to my fingers.

    Edge of Running Water, William Sloane, 1939.

    Thanks a lot.
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    Re: Twofold cross.

    It describes the design of the panelling.

    I suppose the panels have crosses, and I guess twofold means that each panel has two crosses.

    I'm not too sure. I wouldn't worry about this if I were you.

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