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    Most of them or whom

    My teacher told me that you can use "most of whom" in one sentence using comma before "most of whom" and
    if you want to write two separate sentences, you have to write "most of them"

    Are the following examples correct?

    1-There are ten animals in the park, five of which are mammals.( I used which because they are animals)

    2-I bought six books, two of which were expensive.

    3-I sent six emails.Two of them were to the manager.

    4-I invited fifteen friends to my wedding. Six of them were classmates.

    I have a question, if I want to use a connector, what is the correct word "them" or "whom"?

    5-I met three friends and two of them were Egyptians.

    6-I met three friends and two of whom were Egyptians.

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    Re: Most of them or whom

    Only number 6 is incorrect. The others are all good. Well done.

    6- I met three friends, two of whom were Egyptians.

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