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    ...redesigned the entrances...

    Hi everyone, are there any mistakes or repetitions in this piece of writing? I'm grateful for any contribution.

    ************************************************** *******************************************

    Rui continued his research into nanobots of various types such as the biological and the electromechanical; he also considered integrating the two types, because he didn’t want to omit any possibilities. He also found, that at the nano level and below there was a totally new science needed to describe what was happening; nothing seemed to follow the same rules as in the macro world we inhabited. Many years went by, and a war with the barbarians from the southwest had become immanent, talk of abandoning the city and dispersing themselves amongst the people to the east grew out of a desire to remain peaceful. So Rui gathered supplies for his research at a much faster rate, he could not escape the city without a body. Realising that Rui would probably not be able to create a body for himself in time for the evacuation Yang helped redesign the entrances to the lower floors so that none could enter or even find them without Rui's permission.
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