Hi all,

I intend to apply for a job and write this cover letter. May you check it for me?

Dear Sir/Madam,

I have graduated from mechanical engineering department of Karadeniz Technical University. I am also studying electrical and electronic engineering within a double major programme. I would like to express my interest in doing a traineeship at your company.

I have been in computer graphics sector since I was 12 years old. I started my journey with 3ds max and have been improving myself in modelling, texturing, lighting and rendering for nearly 10 years. Since there is no first-class company in Turkey which has the ability to make world standart animation movies such as Shrek and Ice Age, I aimed to be a pioneer at this field in my country. That was the vision which made me eager to work hard to be a greater CG artist when I was a child. I totally committed myself to this purpose without direction of anybody. That was where my passion came from. After high scool, I wanted to focus on completely this business, however, I could not find a related university departmant and my family recommended me to be an engineer.

During my education, I have been a part of AR-GE team which is a clup that designs and manufactures drones and 3D printers for competitions. I was a senior member of this team and I have a strong practical background in drone designing and manufacturing. Last year, we were trying to create autonomous tricopters and quadcopters which were going to be able to detect a plastic bottle, decide whether it was heavy or light and then take it to the area according to its weight. Drones and their gripping mechanisms were completely our designs and we were also devoloping image processing software by using Pyhton and Raspberry Pi to perform the task. We also had a 3D Printer designed and manufactured by us which was capable of printing composite materials. Now, I am working on my final year project which is based on machine learning. Therefore, I am experienced in mechanical design, electronics and robotics as well. I believe that engineering education has broaden my horizon and improved my analytical thinking. So, I am a person who is engaged in new technology. It probably help me to understand new ideas and designs faster.

You can look at my portfolio, but I have some problems with my website. Therefore, I need to send you some of my works in .rar format. I could not find high resolution format of some works and uploaded them in their low quality format. This is the another problem I face because of the problems in my website. All are created in 3ds max by me and rendered with V-ray.

I would value the opportunity of being part of your Internship programme. I am sure it would enrich my future studies and strengthen my career prospects.
Thank you very much for considering my application, and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Yours faithfully,