Hello. Would you please tell me what 'apples' mean in the context below?
I guess they mean 'snowballs.' If I'm right, then what does underlined sentence mean?
Does it mean "It would be almost certain for Moomintroll to win the race"?
Thank you.

.....from "More Adventures in Moominvalley" Inspired by the works of Tove Jansson

The day of the race arrived.Moomintroll wobbled his way to the start line.
"Good luck, my sweet!" said Moominmamma.
"He doesn't need luck," said Sniff, determined to be helpful. He held up a snowball and winked. "The 'apples' are all in the bag!"
Moomintroll look confused. Then Mr. Brisk swept in.
"Ah, Moominchild!" he boomed. "I'll see you at the finish line. Probably in several hours. Ha Ha!"