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    International School Singapore Resume help

    Hi all!

    I've been trying to get a good salaried job in Singapore, which is why I've been applying to international schools. I haven't received any reply from my resumes/CVs I submitted. Is there anyone here who could look over my resume (below) to tell me if I'm missing something? I'd really appreaciate it!

    The format obviously is off here. Also, I incorporate the mission and vision statement as well as keywords from the "About" from the schools' websites.

    (profession pic of
    myself here)
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    My goal is to obtain the position of Secondary EAL Teacher for Stamford American International School. As an EAL teacher in the USA, Japan, South Korea, and Thailand for over six years, with drive, integrity, and teamwork, I know how to provide quality teaching.

    In the role of providing meaningful learning instruction for students, developing curriculums, building positive working relationships with staff and students, and showing ingenuity, I was praised for my school representation, differentiated teaching, subject mastery, and practical solutions. As a professional, I am committed to inspiring, building optimism, showing compassion, and praising courage.

    Northcentral University

    December 2017 – June 2019
    Master of Education with a specialization in ESL
    Graduated Magna Cum Laude
    University of California, Santa Barbara

    January 2007 – September 2008
    Bachelor of Arts in English and History

    • Highly effective teaching
    • Use technology for input, communication, and pedagogy
    • IB knowledge
    • Design, develop, and implement curriculum
    • Academically assess students
    • Attentive collaborating with faculty
    English Teacher, Education First, Santa Barbara, California June 2014 – Sept 2015 and September 2019 – Present

    • Teach IB-based classes: EAL, literature, and writing.
    • Teach 30 classes using various resources for literature, writing, grammar, projects, field trips, and presentations.
    • Provide supplemental academic and career advising to students of 30+ nationalities.
    • Continuously assess students to increase standard test scores.
    • Train 5 staff members on teaching procedures and computer programs, resulting in a 15% increase in teaching efficiency.
    • Developing 10+ curriculums for productive English language-use in students’ specific desired career fields.
    • Utilize a variety of teaching tools, strategies, and classroom technology for tailored lesson plans weekly with 95% of students progressing successfully to the next level.
    • Collaborate with teachers to assign students’ class placement.

    Writer/Copy Editor, Gwangju Online News Magazine, Oct 2012 – April 2018

    • Write articles for a readership of 30,000 every six months.

    • Copy edit/proofread hundreds of news articles.

    English Teacher, Global English Academy, Gwangyang, South Korea Sept 2017 – Sept 2019

    • Collaboratively develop standards for class levels.
    • Teach 30 weekly classes of study skills, correct writing, using online learning systems, and proctor exams for 100 students.
    • Prepare students for university entrance tests and academic writing.
    • Collaborate with 2 directors to develop curriculums.
    • Facilitate recruitment of English teachers.
    • Improve school’s quality of education via collaboration, answer student feedback, and create lesson plans for specific class needs.

    English Teacher, Wright Language School, Tsuyama, Japan March 2016 – Nov 2016

    • Co-teach and deliver classroom instruction ranging from individual to group classes, totaling 50 students of mostly high school students.
    • Teach tailored classes for students to enter universities.
    • Train staff and provide specific teacher development feedback.
    • Assess new and current students’ language abilities for appropriate program placement.
    • Increase class involvement and motivation by promoting open discussion and connecting student interests to class content.

    English Teacher, 2Talent Agency, Surat Thani, Thailand Nov 2015 – Mar 2016

    • Teach classes using SIOP and WIDA approach.
    • Maximize student engagement through custom curriculums and teach 10 classes, totaling 315 high school students, twice weekly.

    • Create curriculums and adjoining tests for three student levels.
    • Teach academic language skills to the graduating class of 60, many of whom have successfully utilized the skills to enter universities as well as future employment.
    • Train 4 teachers of 3 nationalities on technology and pedagogical uses for efficiency and extrinsic motivation.

    English Teacher, Reading Town School, Gwangju, South Korea Aug 2012 – Nov 2013

    • Start the school with 3 other teachers, growing it from 5 to 120 students in one year, and developing curriculum.
    • Train new teachers to use school computer database and educational technology.
    • Co-teach and collaboratively assess 120 students for level placement.
    • Intensive support of one-on-one student assistance with 40 students regularly, resulting in roughly 40% increase in total English language skills within a year.
    • Collaborate with other teachers in establishing a library cataloguing and tracking system that assured a streamlined checkout experience for 120 students.
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