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    Benefits of web based resources

    Hi there,
    I was wondering with the advent of the multimedia and the revolution of the www. How could a teacher harness the usage of the www in class teaching? Personally, I can see the improvement and the wealth of materials and ideas students obtained from the www especially in teaching EST ( English for Science and Technology). Anyone out there could share ayour experience?

    TQ and have a nice day.

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    Re: Benefits of web based resources

    The UK government tried to audit the use of IT is education and found that there were no areas in which it had a negative impact and many in which it had a positive impact. However, they found that the positive impact was not consistent. They also found, and this is the most interesting part for me, that a lot of the positive impact came from students' own use of IT, which suggests that the net can have an impact in developing autonomous learners, one that is likely to grow with the development of more and better online resources.

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    Re: Benefits of web based resources

    I use quite a few www resources with my classes. I already mentioned this in another thread, but one of my favorites is On this site you can create an online class, and then have your students join the class. The site also has different video files and other study material that your students can do, and all of the results are reported to you directly.

    Personally I've been using coolhood with my EFP classes and the results have been good. You get the occasional student that is slow to signup, but generally most students appreciate the extra study time. And it really doesn't eat up any of my time, which is good cause I don't have much extra to give.

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