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    introduce myseft

    My name is Tram. I知 24 years old. I was born in Dong Nai province and move to Ho Chi Minh City with my family when I was five years old.
    I graduated from University of fishing. I worked for a Minh Phu seafood import export Company in Ca Mau immediately after graduating. I stayed at there nearly one year and then came back Ho Chi Minh city.
    Now I work at Go Vap food corporation. I知 an engineer. Our main products are soy sauce and chili sauce at the home market, and at abroad at least twice a year.
    As my salary is pretty low, so I want to look for a foreign company. But first, I must study good English; my problems are listening, speaking and writing skill. Thus, I work hard to improve my life.
    After working, I study at English center on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and attend a Secretary and Office management course on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday.
    For personal, I am an outgoing and enthusiastic woman but have great ambitions. I am full of contradiction, my appearance is not tall but I want to be a Executive Secretary. Generally, I知 a perfectionist, never content myself and I always pray with Christ to have will and determined to do my best.

    please, correct my post.. thank you in advance
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    Re: introduce myseft

    move to Ho Chi Minh City- moved
    University of fishing- is this the name of the university or the course? If the former, use a capital letter, and if the latter, use 'in fishing'
    at the home market- for
    at abroad at least twice a year- I go abroad... ???
    As my salary is pretty low, so I want - delete 'as' or 'so, but don't use them both
    listening, speaking and writing skill- skills (or delete it)
    at English center- at an
    For personal,- delete
    I am full of contradiction- I am full of contradictions; (However, I am not sure I would say this- it sounds a bit negative to me)
    pray with Christ to have will- to Christ for the will and detmerination

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