I am applying for a Masters degree of Marketing at and they asked for a motivation letter. I hope that you can help fix errors in the letter as soon as possible since the deadline for application is on March 11.

P.S. i have included 2 questions in my motivation letter inspired by research on the internet. Please enlighten me if this is a good idea or this is syntactically wrong?

Thank you.

Dear Sir / Madam,
Why this program and why at Budapest Metropolitan University?

I am writing this letter to apply for a place in MSc Marketing, offered at the Budapest Metropolitan University. After graduating with a bachelor's in marketing from the Preston University, and gaining professional experience precisely in digital marketing while working at different multinational companies. I wish to expand the sphere of my knowledge to the newest trends of marketing and online tools, which I believe would enable me to further enhance my skill set and help me pursue my career in digital marketing beyond. I’ve always dreamed of becoming a digital marketing specialist and helping businesses succeed to soothe my obligation to do more and share wisdom, and I believe that a MSc in Marketing from Budapest Metropolitan University would set me miles ahead to reaching my goal. After reading the provided course curriculum, I have found that the subject material covered will ideally suit my career ambitions.

I have had a strong interest in managing, particularly in the marketing field, since my first year at university. I developed my passion for online marketing during my first job at TradeKey PVT LTD. Working in a large and competitive eCommerce organization allowed me to get surface-level experience in most digital marketing channels. This encouraged me to stretch my strength to discover beyond eCommerce and learning more while working at my second job at a fast-paced digital agency “Workflow Hub” operating in United States, New York having decent clients like Zoetis. I learned to implement, control marketing plans and budgets in different areas such as marketing tools for Search and display advertisement, automation and more. I also learned to lead a team and develop full-funnel marketing plans and to integrate and coordinate with different departments like web development, sales and support. Besides, I have learned that other skills and factors are also essential to successfully complete any marketing plan. For instance, strong organization and communication skills, respect for deadlines, developing and meeting KPIs, open-mindedness, and accuracy are all important attributes in a manager. Now, I would like to deep-dive and gain advanced know-how by attending the Budapest Metropolitan University and MSc marketing program. This is the career path I strive to aim and get better, developing and managing marketing programs for a digital agency or a brand.

Budapest Metropolitan University is the best option for my master’s degree. What I value highest is the curriculum, as it is spot on per my career objectives. I am excited to learn that the key elements of the program also ensure that during the training I may get the Google Ads Fundamentals Certification and learn different marketing CRMs, automation and analytical tools. Additionally, I am very fortunate to see that elective subjects are exactly what my career path demands at this juncture of time. This is also an opportunity for me to live in Hungary for 2 years and it would be a dream come true to explore the world out there, to meet, learn and exchange knowledge in a highly diversified and multi-cultural environment where technology and latest marketing trends are being taught and implemented. It ensures me that the University will drive my career in the right direction. The curriculum is exactly what I am looking for, as it will give me precisely the career options I strive for. The focus on Marketing Management in the Digital Age interests me, as I am a digital devotee who constantly tries to think and implement out of the box.
What do you think you can contribute to the class group and program?

I can contribute with eagerness to learn, active participation and intensive focus. I have an unlimited passion for learning. The desire to learn skills that are useful to others drives me and motivates me. I always participate actively in class and will surely share my opinions. I can also focus intensively on one task for a long time period. My attention span is extremely long. That is an asset both to me and those I work with.

Moreover, I feel I am responsible for making a big move in digital marketing and this program will give me a big chance to be one day someone who lend a hand in a successful marketing / brand strategy for a fortune company. I believe it is my obligation as an individual sharing life in this world to make our future better because the future is not only ours. The next generation and my country should be proud of me and one day when they look back and find how hard I have worked to represent my country and to pass on the wisdom selflessly to make the world a better place.

I am certain that the knowledge and skills learned from my professional experience and undergraduate degree would make me a valuable student in the MSc in marketing program, offered at the Budapest Metropolitan University.

Thank you for your time and consideration.