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    I need a favor...

    HI...I m studying English in university,I was asked to prepare a speech in one of our courses,I chose :the image of arabs after the 9/11 attacks;I want you all to give your opinions about it so I can make my speech richer...
    Please help me I m waiting for your answers

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    Re: I need a favor...

    It is unfortunate but true that after 9/11 people of Arab descent were suddenly regarded with suspicion by a lot of Americans. I live near Detroit, which has the largest population of Arab-Americans in the United States, and our local leaders went to great lengths to remind us not to stereotype Arabic folks - that a few bad apples don't spoil the whole bunch, as the saying goes. I hope that people won't forget the images of that terrible day: there were folks of every race, color and nationality who died that day, including many of Arabic descent.

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    Lightbulb Re: I need a favor...

    I can t agree more than you,but unfortunatly many people and especially in the states blame innocent arabs for the acts of some extremist;I m a morrocan and we were victims of terorist acts too ,so we really know how is it like to be in such position;I m not trying here to defend those extrimist ,but we should not judge all the arabs by what had been done by some of them who claims being deffending themselves...
    And I really need to hear other point of view...

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    Unhappy Re: I need a favor...

    please ...I really need yourpoints of view...don t let me down...

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    Re: I need a favor...

    Hi, dear b3foul, as far as I can remember, a copule of weeks ago I watched on the news that 2 students in America had prepared an assumption about how the towers blew down.. I don' t know whether it is true or not, but maybe you can include their opinions too in your speech:) It may also be interesting and be discussed by your friends and teachers, too.

    PS: They alleged that it was the USA which had actually bombed the towers.

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    Question Re: I need a favor...

    THANXS lot but how can I get their opinions?...
    WHAT about you what do you think of this topic?

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    Re: I need a favor...

    please guys help me ,the deadline is soon...

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    Re: I need a favor...

    I believe the image of Arabs hadnt been very good for white race in anyway. And this wild-barbarous action (the attacts) helped them to announce their feelings freely. the reason I think so is, if the attacts had been made by any other group of people from any other country for example Italy or France, it would have been called just as a terrorist attack. What I am trying to say is attacts were used as an excuse to label Arabs, but really a good excuse.

    I wish you a Good luck

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    Re: I need a favor...

    thanxs a lot...I can t agree more with you....

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