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    Parliamentary Researcher Application Help!

    Good afternoon everyone!

    I'm applying to a role as a Parliamentary Researcher/Communications Officer in the UK. I'm dyslexic and have struggled at getting these applications done properly without it looking sloppy. Can I ask for your help in a) That it answers what is asked for and b) That there aren't any glaring grammar mistakes/spelling mistakes that I can't see.

    Job Details

    MP is looking for a full time Research Officer to work in her busy Westminster Office and in (Constituency) when required. The successful applicant will be enthusiastic and highly organised with excellent communication skills.

    The successful candidate will have the following:
    • Excellent organisational skills
    • Strongly written & oral communication skills with the ability to write for a range of different audiences including writing and proofing content for press releases, newsletters and websites.
    • Ability to carry out tasks quickly and to a high standard, with a clear and concise writing style.
    • A strong attention to detail and an ability to prioritise a demanding workload, meet deadlines and work under pressure.
    • Experience in using software and video editing would be a distinct advantage.

    Key responsibilities will include:
    • Undertaking research & writing policy responses to constituents.
    • Researching & preparing press releases and media briefings
    • Keeping abreast of and preparing for Parliamentary questions, bills, early day motions, legislation and upcoming parliamentary debates
    • Advising on policy issues
    • Assisting with social media presence, e.g. video capture

    Essential experience/qualities

    • Ability to write in style and from perspective of (MP)
    • Interest in politics and current affairs
    • Shared aims and values with labour
    • Highly intelligent with an inquisitive mind and a passion for debate
    • Excellent attention to detail
    • Ability to work under pressure
    • Strong interpersonal skills and excellent team working ethic
    • Discrete
    • Excellent communication research and writing skills
    • Knowledge of standard office practises and IT Packages

    Cover Letter

    Dear xxxx

    I am a hardworking Civil Servant applying for the role of Research/Communications Officer in your office. I am a long-standing Labour member and have campaigned for Labour across several elections. I am committed to working hard with the party in pursuit of a fairer and more equal Britain. In my experience, Labour is a vehicle for positive change, as someone who went to schools funded by Tony BlairÂ’s drive on education but later suffered under the damage caused in vulnerable communities, by the CoalitionÂ’s disastrous educational policies, I am passionate about working with the party to hold this Government to account and form the next Government.

    I would like this role as a Researcher because I would like to generate pro-active media coverage of issues that are often neglected or misrepresented. From the role of Austerity in creating a worsening situation to the link between direct Government investment and Community wellbeing. I take a holistic approach that relies on creative thinking, being able to work independently and using information from multiple sources to create a consistent narrative, which can then be used to influence legislative approaches. For example, much of the CoalitionÂ’s action on welfare & poverty was built upon faulty research that suggested that there is a large pool of inactive but able citizens. This myth persists into today with the Home SecretaryÂ’s recent comments regarding economic inactivity. Shining a light on these issues is a vital part of holding the powerful to account and stemming the tide of deliberate political misinformation.

    The second part of the role, as a Communications Officer, is something I would like to do because I am keenly aware of the role of the Press in elections. The years that Labour have faced out of power have been a story about an inability to shape the public narrative on issues such as the NHS, the economy and the role of immigration. This is something borne out by research from Loughborough University, which has shown that negative coverage of Labour is almost twice as high as the Conservatives. Combating this requires quick thinking and a proactive approach that I am confident I can deliver. This role also requires interactions with Constituents, from my experience in Mr HussainÂ’s office many of the Constituents who approach their MP are desperate and require compassion and competence. These are two qualities that I embody, which are vital in ensuring that Constituents feel like their MP is on their side and in resolving their situation.

    As a Deputy and a Caseworker, I am able to plan and prioritise my workload, both in the long and short term to ensure that all tasks are handled competently and quickly, even when on differential timescales. I enjoy using innovative thinking with careful attention to detail to ensure the best outcomes.

    I would like to work in your office because I admire your principles and your passion. Your commitment to greening our economy, something for which you scored 100% on your voting record, is something that I find inspiring. Furthermore, your long record of holding the powerful to account by raising in the House, the issue of affordable housing, transport costs and school budget cuts are positions that I share and wish to continue to campaign on. (MP's constituency) is very similar to (My home city), in that they are both communities resplendent with diversity but long neglected by a Government that could do a lot more to generate good jobs and combat systemic discrimination. I feel strongly that working on issues with you on (MP's Constituency) can also help other disadvantaged communities up and down the country. I look forward to starting the next steps of my career with an MP I have a great deal of respect for.

    Yours sincerely,

    Some of the points are hit by my CV but I am unclear on how to upload that here. I thank you all in advance for your help.


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    Re: Parliamentary Researcher Application Help!

    I would say:

    I am applying for the job of ....

    (I don't know if that's supposed to be capitalized or not.)
    Not a professional teacher

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    Re: Parliamentary Researcher Application Help!

    From the role of Austerity in creating a worsening situation to the link between direct Government investment and Community wellbeing.
    This is not a standalone complete sentence as it does not have a main verb. If you used a colon after misrepresented, it would work better. I am also not convinced that you need the capital letters.

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