I go to Jyungil Elementary School. While living in Yeongtong, I met a boy named Jin-chan in my class.
He and I joined a soccer club, so I played with Jinchan and other friends. We started talking about games and now we are best friends.
We usually play anything at school. My house is located near my school, so he sometimes visits my house.

If I have made any mistakes, please correct them.
For name spelling rules of Chinese and Korean, I wonder which is correct. Please note that one syllable has one meaning in names.

*Organization names
1. Jyungil Elementary School 2. Jyung-il Elementary School 2. Jyung il Elementary School

* District names
1.Yeongtong, 2.Yeong tong

* Person names
1. Kim Jinchan 2. Kim Jin-chan