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    Letter of Motivation for Bachelor Program in the Netherlands

    Hello I am international student.
    Now I am applying for the Netherlands University
    so can you guys help me for correcting the motivation letter?( grammar, contents, structure)

    Here is my Motivation Letter:

    Dear Sir and Madam
    I am writing to express my interest in the Economics and Business Economics program in the Department of Economics and Business at University of Amsterdam in this summer.

    First, after I had a good time in US for 1 year, I think that it is important to study various perspectives in multicultural environment rather than keep learning in uniformed base. Thus, after graduated from high school, I decided to do A-level for my secondary school to go University abroad.

    In high school, I was just one of the normal students who were well enrolled in the group and followed well on school rules. However, in 2nd year of school, I found myself changing in many ways while taking charge of the operation as the leader of the Book Club. I prepared the annual events with other schools¬’ book club, had an interview with freshmen to elect new members, prepared for school¬’s festival, and planned for club¬’s budget. Through those activities, I realized that I never had a small capacity and ability as a leader. And, I have a goal to be a leader who manages big business in the future.

    During my A-level studies, I studied both business and economics, I struggled with two subjects because it was the first time I learned this subjects in different style, but when I started to compare real case and concepts, now I can see connections between real world and theories. Opening my eyes to management and economy, I chose this program to learn both subjects at the same time because I wanted to learn more about the relationship between each country¬’s economy and big companies, not just a theory. In addition, I want to hear how foreign students think about other countries economy and share what I think about their country¬’s situation. This will wide my view and help me to get closer to work in multicultural environment in the future.

    Thank you for your consideration

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