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    Re: New teacher

    Quote Originally Posted by Sunflower34 View Post
    Hi Lisa Marie!

    I quite agree with you...
    I found it very interesting the fact that being you a student you are able to say that!
    I'm a teacher. I teach English as a foreign language and also Portuguese (my native language) and I think that being a teacher nowadays is a very complex matter... We must be understanding, nice, sincere, correct... really trying to be ourselves... but, on the other hand, we also need to be tough and not letting the students do what they want. I quite agree with you. So we also need to change roles constantly! It's really a demanding job! Even more when we are facing great changes... and our educational system is failing day-by-day... And this is the biggest problem!!

    Greetings from Portugal!
    Don't give in. You are a part of the educational system. Try to change something. And if all the teachers change something inyour country the system will be perfect. Of course thereare things you can't change even if you try hard. Anyway I believe that you can.
    Best wishes! Gagik Darbinyan

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    Re: New teacher

    i am so sorry for not joining the forum for about one month;actually it's just a matter of personal i am ready now to be an effective member asking and answering questions.but the problem is that i don't know how to deal with the to answer and where to you know i am anew teacher so i need any kind of help.
    thank u

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    Re: New teacher

    Hello Chady

    If you have computer resources in the classroom (computer/projector/screen) please try Online English Software Curriculum

    I am also working with young learners in Korea (Busan). I use this curriculum exclusively. I am not stressed and have time to drink coffee during my lessons (except in the cases where I'm constantly clicking).

    If there is no computer in the classroom, please tell them to update.

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    Re: New teacher

    Hi Chady, I will tell you some tips to get over boredom in the classroom and I wish it will be helpful for you :1-Be cheerful. 2- Use techniques that interest Ss most. e.g. Games, acting,miming,showing silms and movies ,using flash cards,using realia, using songs , news , cartoons and comics , word wheel , tape records , pair or group work.....etc. 3- avoid language bias. 4- Don't do anything the pupil can do.5- Utilize teaching aids but keep in mind that these aids don't substitute teacher. 6- Treat your students as your friends or sons ; treat them politely, kindly and in a respect way. 7- Take care of the first impression that the students will take about you . 8- Try to act the lesson ( avoid the formal way; Educational aids will be the perfect solution for this). Finally , love English language and your job as a teacher; believe me this will have a wonderful effect on your teaching.

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    Re: New teacher

    Choose material that you like, since you'll be able to teach best what you know. Use a variety of flash cards, pictures and extracts from text books! Good Luck!

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    Re: New teacher

    Hi chady,
    I'm studying to be a teacher of English. I Know it is hard to teach a language using a book but my doctor keep saying for us don't make the book lead you, you lead the book. I think you need to use the useful way in your opinion to teach the subject, because you believe it will worthwhile your objectives.

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    Re: New teacher

    Hi.How are you?
    I am from turkey and I am turkish .I want to learn enghlish.
    Good by.

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