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    Exclamation Could you please check my motivation letter for master degree?

    Hi guys!

    I was wondering if you can help my out with the grammar of my motivation letter.

    Thank you in advance for the help!!!


    Dear Prof. Dr. xxxxx xxxxxx

    During my last year at the university, I was not sure about what topic I wanted to talk about for my Thesis. I started researching and talking to people who had already expertise in the field but nothing surged. It was one of those coincidences that happen in life, when talking to a friend “Fair trade” came out. This was my first approach to a vague notion of Sustainability.

    Fair trade in Paraguay already started few years before. Sugar was the only commodity traded by this modality at the time, so I decided to go deeper and chose the Economic Impact of Fairtrade in Latin America: Case study on Associations of sugar cane producers in Paraguay. Just after my first field visit I realized this new model’s scope in my country, by knowing personally to the producers of sugarcane. This people could finally sell their products for a fair price, had a secure market abroad, where people prefer buying sugar from companies involved with society even if the pay more.

    Is a fact that sustainability in this globalized world is the way for companies to get closer to consumer by this. Still, is a pending task for Paraguay to achieve sustainable development. Companies and organizations in Paraguay also have to actively participate in this process and integrate the sustainability goals completely into business. But adding to that, is a reality that Paraguay has a lack of professionals with strong Know-How about this topic. That is why I want to study this major for, I want to make a difference in this transition phase in my country, and to get sustainability principles integrated into at least one company's DNA and core values. I don’t just want to do it for me or for a company, I want to do it for my people as well.

    As student, the University gave me the proper tools and basis to understand how business works nowadays in a world where globalisation is constantly increasing. Over my first semesters in my country, we developed topics focused on sustainable development. Putting theory into practice, we provide consulting in real companies. The objective was to present improvements in products to make it more attractive to customers.

    Later, my studies abroad reinforced my previous knowledge about business and I have explored some specifics fields within an international context. All this knowledge applied daily at work, where I am challenged by a multinational which expects a high level of compromised. I think this is the necessary background knowledge for international business and sustainability management, since the sustainability principles often need to be integrated into all parts of the business.

    My main focus is always giving customer as best experience as possible. Saying this, I consider that courses as Quantitative Research Methods for Market Strategies, ESG and Capital Market will definitely help me achieving this. On the other hand, psychology and emotions play an important role in business, even more in decision making positions. I hope Consumer and Management Decision can give me answers about behavior in business and tools to relieve possible errors made by a wrong decision.

    The significance of Companies Social Responsibility is established on the development of the community to which they belong. Nowadays in the environment where these companies interact, social responsibility can already be considered as a need generated by the change of values in the community, which brings with it new business dynamics and new roles. On one hand, a more activist role in consumers, demanding much more than just the product they consume. They want the brand to care for the environment, to respect human rights and to be transparent. The socially responsible company maximizes the positive effects on society and minimizes its negative effects, bringing long-term benefits, aimed at achieving sustainable development.

    Finally, these changes affect the consolidation and growth of companies, so CSR is considered key to achieving a solid business fabric with the capacity to develop. Therefore, being socially responsible generates benefits for the company and this is the main objective of shareholders.
    Thank you in advance for considering my application.

    Best Regards,
    Xxxxx xxxxx

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