hi every one,
I am new here, I just got through few posts here and the correction of those posts. I find it good for me to share my writings and get valuable comments.
I am applying for PHD mathematics and I have written a motivational letter, but it contains many errors as suggested by grammar checker app. I do not really understand, where I have made grammatical errors because I am not a native English speaker but I find my speaking satisfactory. Kindly please go through my motivational letter for the corrections. This may enhance the chance to be a deserving applicant.


I am a researcher in Mathematics department at X university Y , India, and I have well established attitude to contribute to mathematics up to the most of my efforts and the knowledge I obtain from my wide range study in this field with the grant assistance of many mathematicians and physicists.
Mathematics was just the part of my studies only up to solving few problems and then celebrating the triumph of getting the the correct solutions. I remember when I became keen on mathematics, I found it more enthusiastic when I got through the well known Einstein’s equations in my master level. I got surprised of the phenomena explained by these equations occurring in nature, starting from microscopic particles to the huge compact bodies like black holes, neutron stars etc.

Of course, now I believe that Mathematics is not limited to solving problems in handy, but it is the detailed description of the entire universe we live in, and not surprisingly, is committed to approach multiverse concept. This aspect of mathematics makes me zealous to engross myself into the universe and sort out where we are and what is undiscovered yet?

My current research work is devoted to Numerical Relativity and specifically, to solving Einstein equations numerically on super computer. I made a U turn by the time when I got the chance to attend a seminar sponsored by Mansoor Khan, a researcher in NASA, who gave a long lecture on astrophysics and Hubble Telescope. I was inspired there 1st time, I came to know that Mathematics was not only that, what is provided by the course outline in the class, but many more out of this. Then onward, I started attending different seminars on the progress of mathematical and physical research which rooted in in the interest and understanding of this field much better. These seminars nourished me of the nature of most of the recent researches in the field of mathematical physics. It is that, the nature of most of the complex problems are such that they can not be handled analytically. In particular, the Einstein Equations and hence General Relativity needs the attention of numerical approach. Thus, researchers are intended to get sufficient command on the area of Mathematics where numerical evolution of astrophysical and cosmological problems are handled, ensuring the precision and ease of hectic calculations.

I must mention my supervisor Dr. X, who besides helping me understand the core concept of the subject, guides me of the recent achievements and developments in the field of General Relativity, and is urging me to go for the best universities abroad where I can bring about a successful conclusion in the concerned field.

I am still behind the curve, but I am certainly intended to be a mathematician and convey the deep and appealing aspects of the applications of mathematics in the real world, so, this way I could serve the community who is mathematics friendly and needs to know the essence of mathematical world ,
I have the strongest incentive to advance as far as I can in this captivating science and feel confident that application to the X University is the best possible step to accomplish it. I would regard my admission to your University not only as a great platform for my ambition but also as a great responsibility and an obligation to work hard and get the most out of my research work.