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Thread: rearrangement

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    i have some questions about english language. i know the formation of simple declarative sentence.
    subject + verb + complement(s) + (Adverbial(s))*
    thus there are 5 possible derived constructions or patterns determined by the type of the verb:
    1. subject + verb
    2. subject + verb + direct object
    3. subject + verb + indirect object + direct object
    4. subject + verb + subject predicate
    5. subject + verb + object predicate
    my questions:
    A) can we rearrange each one of those constructions unboundedly? what are the bounds whether grammatical depending on the type of certain grammatical unit or rhetorical depending on certain context for instance a certain rearranged construction can be used only in poetry or literary works? can you give the answer in detail for each one i meant discussing the possible rearrangement for each construction.

    B) Are adverbials always mobile or have bounds? if there are what are they?

    thanx in advance

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    Re: rearrangement

    and how about the other types of sentences other than declarative


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