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    Does anyone use Superlearning or Suggestopedia methods?


    I am curious to know if anyone here uses Superlearning or Suggestopedia methods in teaching?

    Tdol, I saw in one of your posts that you trained in suggestopedia.
    Did you find it useful in teaching? Do you still use any of it?
    How difficult is it to create your own material based on the concepts of accelerative learning? I mean if you are following some book or
    teaching material, but want to adapt it to the accelerative learning
    method, is it doable or you need help from professionals recording


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    Re: Does anyone use Superlearning or Suggestopedia methods?

    I think it does require training if you are to follow it correctly. However, I am very suspicious of much of the theory behind it, and many of the claims made and the statistics gievn are not very scientific. I think that there are some interesting ideas in it- I like Lozanov's idea of the teacher as an architect of environment- and the person I trained with was a superb teacher, you can see his site here:
    (He's the first entry)

    In the right hands, like Lonny's, I think it can be used in a very good way. I think there are some good ideas there, but I also think that there's a lot on nonsense in all of these methods that claim to have found the answer. I am not sure there is a single answer to learning and teaching, and when I read that the divisions of a suggestopdic training session correspond the the golden proportion of the pyramids, then I start worrying.

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