I tried transcribing this video(https://youtu.be/Dmt4d0u7mBQ?t=105), but the narrator's voice is so hard to hear that I'm not sure if these are correct.
I would be glad if you could help me.
*(?) means I lost here.

1:45- "However, as if true predestined irony (?) is created a group of people that are not more connected,
but rather far less connected to reality around them."

2:02- "That of the robot, the NEET, the Incel."

6:47- "(?) And on may or June of the same year the community had already grown to around 4,000 members according to Sookie's on polling (?) the great majority took him seriously."

8:00- "Eventually Sookie stepped in and out of the statement to his site (?) saying suicide was not necessary to reach LFE and even stated them (?) partaking in it might cause some to soul shatter turning someone' soul back into Aurora eliminating their memories."

9:36- "The statement failed to consider that this was probably the case due to the fact Sookie himself told people that were willing to kill themselves to never match (?) the system space in any suicide notes and get rid of anything that may link system space to their suicides."

"These communities came to existence mostly due to Sookie's absence during long periods of time during which his friends snoop due to (?) representing the project and in a very liberal sense of the word."

11:55- "Images that were in Sookie site allegedly along (?) the system space's companies aiding (?) the Sookie project to prove their own participation."

12:57- "Snoop's (?) huge previous attempt as destroying the project was entirely forgotten. He did a 180 to started banning and silencing anybody that would talk about the leaks that he himself bored about (?)."