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    Wink go bananas

    Hi,does anyone know the origin of the expression "go bananas" and " drive me bananas". why not "apples" or "peaches?

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    Re: go bananas

    Quote Originally Posted by emmabyan View Post
    Hi,does anyone know the origin of the expression "go bananas" and " drive me bananas". why not "apples" or "peaches?
    It's probably because apes are associated with getting very excited when they are given bananas to eat. There are several English expressions associated with ape behaviour - for example, to 'go apesh*t' (get very angry and agitated).

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    Re: go bananas

    I suspect it may also have something to do with the old Vaudeville tradition of calling contributors to comic exchanges bananas:

    First banana: Who was that lady I saw you with last night?
    Second banana: That was no lady, that was my wife.

    Though which came first, I've no idea. No doubt someone will post a web-site that will enlighten us.


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    Re: go bananas

    This is from Quinion:

    What of to go bananas? It burst upon the world in the 1960s and became a fashionable, not to say faddish, term in the 1970s. Its heyday is over, perhaps thankfully so. But nobody seems to have any very clear idea where it came from. Was the idea of something bent at the root of it, so that a person was being driven mentally out of shape? Or was there a mental image of an over-excited ape clamouring for his daily feast? Or was it a more subtle image connected with the older phrase to go ape or even to go nuts? You can go crazy thinking about this stuff.

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