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    franchising/industrial licensing

    I just wanted to ask where is the difference between "franchising" and "industrial licensing"
    "franchising": someone gives me certain rights to manufacture and sell a product, to use its trade mark , commercial and technical know-how but I am required to comply with the organisational standards of a business organisation
    "industrial licensing": someone permits me to use a patent under payment of a fee usaully for a limited period of time


    and just one more question
    ist the tender or the take-over bid (=tender offer, friendly, unfriendly) a public tender offer, I am not sure
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    Re: franchising/industrial licensing

    A franchisee pays a fee to use the trademarked goods, marketing expertise and general good will and product awareness/name recognition generated by the home company. For example, if you buy a McDonald's franchise, the surrounding area is already familiar with the name and the products you offer, and you have "built-in" advertising.

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