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    Please Correction....

    Dear Mr Emami
    Thank you for your imply.Your letter made me very happy.
    First of all please accept my congratulations for the improvement you had in writing. Your writing has got really better. Although I was very disappointed by your last letter which was all persian,and thought you've given up practicing, your new letter made me realize that you certainly WANT to improve your English.
    Now, how's every thing going? We have both been out of sight for a while. How's your wife and your cute son? He must be at the third level of the primary school , yes?
    For me it was the worst summer I had ever had. I was in bed most of the time and unable to do any serious activity, I just prayed it will finish soon! But now thank God I'm really well. Last week I chose my topics at the university. I've started to read a novel by Jane Austen. Its name is Pride and Prejudice and I dare say it is at least 10 times better than its Persian translation.
    About your questions: Perhaps it has been Hebrew; but I don't know the exact answer. How did this question come to your mind? But it is interesting so please let me know when you had the answer.
    What's your idea about MY writing? Do you think it got worse? I didn't practice at all during the summer. Do you remember what programs I had for my summer? Well my illness stoped me from doing them!!!
    OH ... I think it got too long. Looking forward to hearing from you!

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    Re: Please Correction....

    The correct your text

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    Re: Please Correction....

    imply- reply
    persian- Persian
    every thing- everything
    prayed it will- would
    But now thank God I'm really well- But now, thank God, I'm really well
    Perhaps it has been Hebrew- 'was' wounds better witholut more context
    when you had- have?

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