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    Hi! all,

    Above all, thank you very much to all of you for your kind job, what you are doing in favour of those people who seek to learn about english.

    I have one passage, i am seeking your kind support pls, help me, make my mistakes correct.

    On this auspecious ocassion i have honour to address all of you. My dear students these are your final moments in this college. Tomorrow you will start your new life, life which will realise you, your true responsibilities. This journey will lead every one of you different-different ways. You will come to know that what is life exactly, how much easy or taugh it is. Those educated themselves well in this college may they will face certain difficulties. But one thing is very much clear that without strive you can't get a better life. Someone can make life better without effort without hardwork, it is impossible. At least right now, because in these days competion will come always in your ways. We have been taught you every mythod that how you have to cope with situations.

    My dear students this is not only a speach. This is a viable instrument or important lesson it will play a vital role in your future. Someone among you will make himself a successful business man, other would be become a politician. I would like to teach you one thing that never underestimate or overestimate anybody in your life. Always make your confidence stern, be positive, help needy people sucess will tauch your feets.

    You are the future of this country, make your country a progressive one, do some thing valuable for your country. There will come your next generation make it sure that you will waive such an atmosphere that should be make you proud in their eyes.
    After sometimes you all will lead your own goal, you will loose your friends, teachers and college. But this is the life,this is not happening with only with you it heppens with everyone, its the part of life.

    At last i would like to congratulate all of you for your degree. Go ahead make your future brighter ... brighter and more
    brighter. Make me proud, my best wishes are always with you.

    Have a good day.

    Thank you,


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    Re: My Experience

    Are you addressing the students as a fellow student, teacher, guest speaker...?

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