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Thread: Gossip?

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    Hi there! I have a question.

    My dictionary says:

    tittle-tattle: idle talk; gossip.
    dish the dirt: reveal or spread scandalous information or gossip.

    Are these phrases commonly used, or are they outdated?
    Can you post some examples?

    Thanks in advance,

    - Karin -

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    Re: Gossip?

    "Gossip" is very commonly used, as is "dish" (sometimes "dish the dirt", but usually just "dish.") Tittle-tattle is extremely outdated. By the way, "dish" can be used as a noun and a verb.

    Mary:"I just heard the juiciest piece of gossip about the boss!"
    Sue: "Really? Well, don't keep it to yourself - dish!!"
    Mary: "I found out that when she went on vacation last month, she was really in the hospital getting a face lift!"

    Julia: "Have you heard the latest dish about that guy that lives in the house on the corner?"
    Suzanne: "No, what's up?"
    Julia: "I found out that he's being sued by two of his ex-wives for not paying alimony."

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    Thanks Ouisch!
    I loved your examples!

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