My methods are these:

1- I would ask them add more details to their saying; If went to a party, they should explain how did they there there? what happened there? why they liked or disliked the event? how they came back home? Nothing happened on the way to and back from there.

2- Use the simplest words and structures they can think of until they find a good grasp of using more advanced and complicated ones through the time passing and as they get long with their speaking day in and day out.

3- They should at least speak around a quarter to half an hour every day.

And some other more tips, but still I can't get enough English from my students, as they say we can't think of anything and we are not a good story teller as you are. Some of them have no problem by writing what they want to say and then narrate what they have written, and I tell them it's good do it but little by little try to boost your visualization to grow out of the habit of writing what you want to say at first.

I would like to ask your help and advise the different ways of how to encourage learners to be able to speak more, and how to get them talk for a longer time. their speech is very short and they have difficulites narrating memories and expressing their ideas despite the fact that their scale of vocabulary and the level of their grammar is good enough to make much better than what they are doing in their speaking.

The students who I'm talking about are all adults, and only few of them are teenagers.

Thank you.