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    to see justice done

    The example: "There was one period when his patriotism fell temporarily by the waysude, although not dishonaroubly. It was a matter of seeing justice done."

    My question is about the definition of 'see' in 'to see justice done'.
    I think tha I understand 'to see justice done' more or less, though not fully.
    What is the definition of 'see' used in the phrase.
    I will give you numbers to help somewhat. <g>

    1. To perceive with the eye
    2. a. To apprehend as if with the eye.
    b. To detect by means analogous to use of the eye: an electronic surveillance camera that saw the activity in the embassy yard.
    3. To have a mental image of; visualize: They could still see their hometown as it once was.
    4. To understand; comprehend: I see your point.
    5. To consider to be; regard: Many saw her as a world leader.
    6. To believe possible; imagine: I don't see him as a teacher.
    7. To foresee: I see great things for that child.
    8. To know through firsthand experience; undergo: “He saw some service on the king's side” (Tucker Brooke).
    9. To give rise to or be characterized by: “Her long reign saw the heyday of verbal humor” (Richard Kain). “The 1930s saw the development of sulfa drugs and penicillin” (Gregg Easterbrook).
    10. To find out; ascertain: Please see who's knocking.
    11. To refer to; read: Persons interested in the book's history should see page one of the preface.
    12. To take note of; recognize: She sees only the good aspects of the organization.
    13. To meet or be in the company of: I saw all my aunts and uncles at the reunion.
    14. To share the companionship of often or regularly: He's been seeing the same woman for eight years.
    15. a. To visit socially; call on.
    b. To visit for consultation: You ought to see your doctor more frequently.
    16. To admit or receive, as for consultation or a social visit: The doctor will see you now.
    17. To attend; view: Let's see a movie.
    18. To escort; attend: I'm seeing Nellie home.
    19. To make sure; take care: See that it gets done right away.
    20. Games.
    a. To meet (a bet) in card games.
    b.To meet the bet of (another player).

    I see you see it.
    Thank you.

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    In the old days, people were hanged in public, so the justice was literally seen to be done. To this day, courts are public places, so the justice can be seen. However, for most it means making sure that it happens.

  3. sunjuvo
    Thank you.

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    You're welcome

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