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Thread: Stative verbs

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    Stative verbs

    Hi there,

    I have a couple of questions and I am wondering if you can help me.

    What happens when we have a Stative Verb as touch or hear after a structure that demands an infinitive afterwards i.e. I look forward, I can't stand... Is it right for instance if I say "I can't stand touching this material"

    Another question that I have is if it is correct to say "on 12th of October" instead "on the 12th of October".


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    Re: Stative verbs

    You should include the word the in "the 12th of October". If the word the is omitted, then usually the word of is also omitted: 12th October / October 12th
    I'm not sure I really understand what you're getting at in your other question:
    "I can't stand touching this material" is a correct and normal sentence. "Can't stand" can be followed by the "ing-form" of a verb or by a noun. An infinitive is also possible. There is nothing that "demands" an infinitive here.
    And the phrasal verb "look forward to" is followed by a noun or the "-ing form" of a verb:
    - I look forward to seeing you.
    - I'm looking forward to the picnic.
    I can't think of any examples where "look forward to" would be followed by the infinitve.
    Maybe you are confusing the "-ing form" of a verb with "continuous verb tense"? The "-ing form of a verb is a present participle or a gerund. It is a form of a word, not a verb tense.

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