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    In His Face

    Dear Teachers,

    a. He didn’t seem interested in her at first, but she’s in his face 100% of the time at school and during wrestling practice.
    - “she’s in his face 100% of the time” means “she appears in front of him 100% of the time”, right?

    b. Christmas is just around the corner. What should I buy for my children?
    - “Christmas is just around the corner” means “Christmas is just coming”, right?

    Thanks very much


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    Re: In His Face

    Yes, "Just around the corner" means approaching quickly.

    "In his face" means to be confrontational, to challenge him at every opportunity. You can be "in his face" via the telephone, email, or any other form of communication; it does not require nor denote physical proximity.

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    Re: In His Face

    I would agree with Mykwyner. Additionally, "she's in his face" here can mean "she makes every effort to attract his attention", "she makes every effort to bring herself to his attention".

    The reference to "wrestling practice" may well be humorous. We are often literally in one another's faces when wrestling.


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