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    The use of the word "even"

    Hello teacher.

    I have been having a hard time understanding the usage of the word "even" when it is for a correction. Example:

    "I have two dollars in my pocet. Pocket even."

    In my case, I haven't heard anyone used "even" that way. For this, I saw it from typed messages such as the above quote. I'm assuming "even" was used to correct the mistyped "pocet." So my question is, is that correct? I always thought "even" was used for when you are stating one thing and another. Please help.

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    Sorry, it's me again.

    I forgot to give an example for how I thought it was supposed to be used as. Here it is:

    "I have two dollars in my pocket. Quarters even."

    It is stating that I have two dollars as well as quarters in my pocket. Now that I can understand more. Are both ways acceptable?

    Thanks in advance!

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    I'd interpret that as a correction,so the person had quarters and not dollars.

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