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    If it turns out I like you for this

    Ex-cop Spenser and Henry learn about Boylan's death on the television shortly before Driscoll and his partner arrive at the residence to question him about his possible involvement in the murder:

    Wayne: If it turns out I like you for this, the DA will pop the old guy's story like a balloon. John Boylan was a good cop.
    Spenser: You should tell that to Mrs. Boylan. At least with him dead, she can stay out of the emergency room.

    What does "If it turns out I like you for this" mean?

    My try: Spencer is questioned. the '"if it turns out I like you for this" probably means he'll like him if his story checks out/ he is not involved/ his story goes against the "old guy' 's" story. Because then he can set in motion what he wants to happen.


    This means that the story will benefit Wayne in a positive way, like Boylan was an abuser to his wife.

    Source: Spenser Confidential (a 2020 American action comedy film directed by Peter Berg)

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    Re: If it turns out I like you for this

    In American police jargon as it's portrayed in fiction, cops say they like the person they suspect of having committed a crime.
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