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    How to introduce " How old are you?" phrase to young children?

    Hello! I need some help. This year I have started my teaching practice. I'm going to teach in primary school and I'm a little scared. I am to teach Polish children ask and answer such questions: How old are you? I'm seven. and Where do you live? I live in.... I really can't think of anything that will help students understand what these phrases mean and I don't know how to introduce it. Can, please, somebody help me?

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    Re: How to introduce " How old are you?" phrase to young children?

    How about carrying a calendar (covering several years) to class? And a picture of your house? And a bilingual dictionary?

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    Re: How to introduce " How old are you?" phrase to young children?

    Start by teaching them to count to ten. Count on your fingers as you do so. Counting to ten is one thing children pick up very easily. You can build on that. Draw a birthday cake on the board with one, two, three, four, five, six, seven candles. Draw a little boy. Say, "How old is Peter? Peter is seven." Draw a little girl with a birthday cake with only six candles. Ask them how old Maria is. Write your age on the board. Point to yourself and say, "I am [your age]," then walk around like an old person until the children laugh. Then start asking them how old they are...

    That's just one possibility.

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