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    Sir Ron, long time no see!

    i've been ready to collect my visa's materials these days and had to travel to other places, so didn't log to here for a long time.
    Nice to see you stay here and help other english leaners.
    Now i've got all my things done and most happily seen the gradual fall of exchange rate of AUD VS. American dollar, because China RMB has a very close connection with Dollar.
    so if American economy can boom again very soon, not only you can enjoy happy lives, but i as well as all of chinese overseas students would feel happy.

    Btw, 21, Jan is the Spring Festival of China, the most important festival for Chinese,like your Christmas Eve, so here I hope you can enjoy the same excitement and happiness as me.

    Chinese will say "Happy New Year!" that day, which is called the Lunar Year!. Have you heard of this noun., Sir.?

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    Happy New Year

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