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    Re: Everyone Loves Mr. pink

    Sorry, I just read this comment of yours.

    I personally don't associate pink or any other colors with the genders that much as I happened to say in a previous post of mine in this thread. So I didn't and don't intend to promote any opinion about stereotype of what genders should look like on this forum. Actually in the imperial ancient China Chinese male officials wore red, purple etc. according to their officialdom. In Chinese operas, male actors would different colors including pink. I vaguely remember I saw a few young men who wore pink shirts many years ago and they looked dapper in reality in my view.

    I was talking about what Mr pink's comment was and trying to explain in my writing to people whose culture(s) might be different to ours. I was talking about the reality what generally people in China would think of the color - pink as this was also what Mr pink concerns. And undeniably, it is generally still so in MORDERN China. It is not about 'historically'.

    Likewise, prostitution, polygamy, light drug, swinging are legal in some Western countries, but it is not legally and not morally acceptable in China to most of ordinary Chinese people. I personally frown upon on these. For example, none of us whom I know would be offended if some Americans talk about people in Utah have several spouses and feel they try to promote that to us. Honestly who care? None of us. If you ask me about this , I would say that is not my/our value generally. I am busy with my own life. I don't want to impose my personal opinions on other people if they don't break the laws especially in China. Even if they break the laws here, it is law enforcement department's business.

    And this is what Mr pink says in his video tutorial.

    Talking about reality =/= promoting certain ideas
    Talking about Mr pink's words about color =/= he or I favor the opinion.

    And many students of Mr pink's, no matter male or female students, become liking pink because of Mr pink's personality. --As I said in the thread --- in another tutorial another coach says to his students we all like pink, right?

    I understand and agree it's wrong to promote hatred, racial discrimination legally morally politically. But I personally think it goes too far if every thing should be politically correct. If so people would dare not say many things as I see this happens both in the US and China. Even if I said I disliked a man to wear pink, that's just my opinion. Everyone has different tastes about many things. It's the right of a man like Mr pink who decides to openly admit pink is his favorite.

    I think the value of Freedom Speech is more important than political correctness in the West. Freedom of Speech is stated in the law(s) or constitutions within the frame of the law(s).

    You're a vegan according to your profile, and I don't think you try to promote veganism on the forum.(Even if you did, I didn't mind at all though I eat meat) I don't think you would say some people are trying to be antagonistic to vegans if they share the cooking recipes of meat , wouldn't you? I'm not trying to stray away from your opinion about color. What I mean about this, let keep the opinion each no matter color or anything else.

    My friend is a very devoted Christian, and he is a white American. He often voluntarily shares his faith with me, and mails relevant books to me in hope of possibly converting me. I don't get offended though I can't accept that faith. It's fine that's his faith/opinion.

    In short, you and I don't have any stereotype of what a man should be if they like certain color(s), meanwhile I respect if other people regard pink is not a color for a man.

    I do not agree with what you have to say, but I'll defend to the death your right to say it by Volta. This is one of my favorite quotes.

    (PS.-- Due to political correctness in China, I hardly talk about politics online now no matter in Chinese forum or Western forums. For one hand, I don't want to be in the hot water if the gov finds out; on the other hand I don't want to fight with other people whose opinions are different from mine as I cannot change the world. So I am learning languages, and IT which generally will not offend anyone. Honestly I am upset to read this comment of yours because this is just a piece of writing looking only for proofreading, and I am serious about learning the English language when I was posting the writing. I never disapprove of Mr pink. On the contrary, I like and respect him very much as he is a wonderful teacher like most of his students do, as the title of this thread suggests.

    Now people have to wear mask out of health concern, but I have been upset that people are muzzled for political reasons. If so, are we still of being ourselves as humans with diverse cultures, different thoughts, personalities, tastes or robots that have been programmed? This is sometimes I pathetically say to myself whenever I think of political correctness.

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