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    Please, help me to write this email

    Dear Mr. XXX ,
    I am sending you this official mail to share with you some point.

    I am not comfortable with the way you introduced assigning my tasks to Mr. YYY, its really toxic for the team spirit and turning the positive into negative.
    And I hope it's clear that I am referring to the way of doing and introducing that, not the idea itself of sharing tasks.

    and here i have to clarify that i understand very well that my tasks are business support team tasks not a personal property. I also believe that Cross-disciplinary input is priceless, exactly because it comes from a novel angle.
    Also, I hope that my words are clear enough that I am not resisting sharing tasks or knowledge with Mr. YYY, you know very well the positive relationship we have.
    (By the way i don't mind copying Mr. YYY or sharing this email with him)

    However its managed to look more as a handover not task sharing `YYY, you have to know everything he is doing and to do it yourself ''
    i don't mind a handover, but i prefer to share with us your plan clearly.

    Let me confirm that even if it's a handover, or i am a part of any restructuring i will respect the decision. and I promise it's going to be smooth.
    Whether it's tasks sharing or handover I promise it's going to be smooth, all what I need is to explain for us your plan in a straightforward, clear, transparent usual.

    Again, I am not questioning your decisions or team working, however I found it necessary to share with you my concerns and toxic team spirit triggers if you don't mind.

    (N.B. if you find it embarrassing to share management or your future plans, please let me know so i can contact top management)

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    Re: Please, help me to write this email

    Please explain what you mean by "the way you introduced assigning my tasks to Mr. YYY".

    Doesn't your superior have the authority to assign/reassign tasks to his subordinates?

    It is long-winded letter to express your dissatisfaction with your superior in re-assigning the task under your care to somebody else. Do not use the word "toxic" (poisonous).
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    I am not a teacher or a native speaker.

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    Re: Please, help me to write this email

    Why do you need to write to that person in English?
    Remember - if you don't use correct capitalisation, punctuation and spacing, anything you write will be incorrect.

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